We're here to make it possible for everyone to build software. Let's start with you.

Who you are

You're an entrepreneur with a technology-enabled business idea.

You need a webapp built, but you don't want to go out and hire a whole team of software engineers; you're not sure where to find a technical cofounder you can trust. You're busy setting up the rest of the business so definitely don't want to learn to code, think about SSL certificates and DNS settings, or try to figure out a “low code” tool that won't permanently lock you in to one vendor.

You're happy to spend a few thousand dollars to get a high quality, polished, simple webapp developed that will enable you to sign up users and start making revenue.

But you know change is the only constant in life: it's important to you that you can come back sometimes to change the app, quickly and iteratively, as your business develops and you start learning what else your customers need.

Who we are

We're Nustom, a team of technologists with experience running real businesses.

We offer an end-to-end software development service to those who want software made, but don't have experience building or running it. While we're AI-enabled to keep the quality high and the costs low, our delightful talented human engineers guarantee the quality of every piece of software we build. And we'll be there, just a videocall away, in case anything goes wrong.

What we can build for you:

  • Membership management: a tool to help organizations keep track of their members and subscriptions, ensuring exclusive access and smooth payments without the hassle of manual record-keeping.
  • Task management: an organized space for individuals, teams or families to manage tasks and projects, making collaboration seamless and task prioritization a breeze.
  • Online education: a central platform for selling courses online, making it easy for users to access valuable learning materials and for you to monetize your expertise.
  • Recipe sharing: a vibrant community hub where foodies can discover, share, and discuss their favorite recipes, sparking culinary creativity and connecting people through delicious dishes.
  • Language learning platform: an interactive platform that offers engaging language lessons, practice exercises, and opportunities to connect with language learners worldwide.
  • Pet photo sharing network: a platform dedicated to connecting pet-lovers: the go-to destination for sharing adorable pet photos, pet care tips, and heartwarming stories.

…and lots more. Whatever we build for you, it'll be well-tested, reviewed by our human engineers, and easy to iterate as your business changes and develops.

How we'll work together

We'll get started with a 30-min discovery call, where we will talk through your idea, what you'd like us to build for you, and align on budget. It's super helpful if you can share as much information as you can in advance, so that we can make the most of our time together!

If it sounds like we're a good fit for each other, then we'll get to work. Within a matter of days, we'll share with you a working version of your idea, built and ready for you to review.

We'll take your feedback on board and continue rapidly iterating until you're happy to go live, get your first customers and start making revenue!

Ready to get started?